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Lindsay Weldon, Public Speaking & Theater Coach

“Hi, I’m a public speaking & theater coach that teaches teens how to leverage theater  techniques in their speaking so they can become more confident communicators, find their unique voice, and expand their future personal & career opportunities.”

What people are saying about Lindsay…

“It’s easy to be around Lindsay’s contagious energy. She has such a big heart that I think she’d do anything for anyone. I’ve personally witnessed her ability to connect with youth–young and old– and it’s magical. My 12 year old daughter has begged me to ‘never take Lindsay away.’”

-Dr. J. Bonzo (University Professor & Dad of 3

“I’ve known Lindsay for years and have seen how she has used communication techniques to overcome huge personal challenges. Her own background & playful sense of humor makes her kind of like the “teen-whisperer”. She not only pulls the best out of those she coaches but gives them an action plan!”

-Emily Pool (High School Counselor in the Seattle Area, M.A.)

Lindsay’s exceptional planning and work ethic have made the children she teaches come to love and respect her. She consistently puts emphasis on how theater techniques help to develop life skills in our students. Public Speaking is scary to adults, but I know children come out of their shells as they’ve played drama games!

My shy quiet 10 year old daughter was coached by Lindsay and she has not only started speaking up more but has emerged more as a playful performer at family events! (This was something she never did before.)

-Heather C. (Elementary PTA Co-President & Mom of 4)

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