I'll help you transform your ideas into presentations that shift audience beliefs and behavior.

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Arrive ready to perform like a pro with this checklist!

(Includes foods to stop eating, tech to check, and ways to manage those nerves)

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I want to develop my communication skills without boring myself to sleep!

Rather than sit in your office analyzing TEDx talks, jump back into your real life and play! Turn your meals into a improvised communication workshop---full of laughter and relationship building!

Download a FREE 12x18 inch poster of entertaining improv activities that will get people talking at the table!

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    I want to manage my stage fright & excitement!

    Be proactive in shaping how others perceive you. Your audience makes quick judgments about you before you ever say "hello".  Learn more about making a strong first impression simply by warm up your whole body!

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    I need you behind the scenes of my business as my speaking coach!

    You focus on your creative genius and I'll focus on making you look like a relatable...and persuasive leader. Lets work together!

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    Hey there!
    I’m Lindsay Weldon.

    I’m a speaking & performance coach and consultant for ambitious entrepreneurs & established business who want to be persuasive leaders when they speak.

    Because the business world is stepping up it’s game on video and live events... an "okay" presentation without a communication strategy won't cut it.

    Let's make your story come to life and make it easy for the right people to embrace your message!

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