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Connect with People • Maximize Your Skills • Be Fascinating + Authentic


Your Delivery has a BIG impact on how an audience hears + understands your message

What you say matters... but how you say it matters just as much.



Because small things matter in a critical communication moment

"I believe when people know how to connect with others face to face, they'll see their reach & influence dramatically increase."

- Lindsay Weldon -


I'd love to help you!

I want to maximize my reach & influence.

Others may be picking up on anxiety or nerves in your body language and voice. Quickly move through any emotional stress or bad feelings rather than becoming stuck in them!

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I want to be a more effective communicator!

Effective communication is key to both your personal and professional growth.

Whether you have a specific critical communication moment coming up... OR you want to develop your communication skills long-term, 1:1 coaching may be the best option for you.

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Hey there!
I’m Lindsay Weldon.

I’m a speaking & performance coach who motivates professionals to look and sound as smart as they are.

I empower my clients to rise above their stage fright, engage an audience, and boost their reputation as a captivating presenter + leader. I do this through 1:1 coaching and my signature course, Speaker Warm-Up Party.

Let's uncover your natural talents and build up your confidence on stage or off-- no matter your experience level!

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