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Who are you?

An Individual
(Professional, Entrepreneur, or Leader)

If you’re a business pro, entrepreneur, or leader, I can coach you as you prep for a specific presentation. Or I can give you more bespoke speaking + performance coaching if your goal is long term transformation. Have a critical communication moment coming up and need someone to rehearse in front of for an hour and quick spot-on feedback? I do that too.

An Organization
(Numerous people to have fun with)

If you’re a small company, large corporation, organization, or a Donny Osmond Fan Club who has a team or department that needs an engaging and entertaining oral communication training— so your talented peeps want to stick around, make you money, and solve problems— I can help you with that. 


Get my warm-up ritual mini course!

Your delivery has a BIG impact on how an audience hears + understands your message-- and it all starts with a warm up that loosens you up and puts you in a sunny mood.

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"I would recommend Lindsay's approach to communication with any audience"

Lindsay taught me that public speaking was more than just talking. ... I've practiced what she's taught and turned my presentations into something that not only got the sale, but left people saying thank you for coming.

James Murray, 
President at Business
Transition Advisers

Sarah Christensen,

"Lindsay is totally someone you should get in contact with"

If you feel like you are the kind of person who has a message but you don't really know how to portray that message in a way that resonates with others, then Lindsay is totally someone you should get into contact with.

Hey there!
I’m Lindsay Weldon.

I'm your source for killer, attention-grabbing, results-getting... speaking + performance coaching; some freebies to help you get started on your own; and genius ways to electrify relationships with your favorite people as you evolve your communication skills

  • Presentation De-Snore-ifying.
  • Upgrade builder-grade speaking techniques to customized deep-rooted skills.
  • Speak from your optimum persuasive zone.

Anything that makes people say “I want to do/ buy/ make friends with/ join/ try that” when you talk. That's what I help with.

Let's make you a communication master.

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