Tell me if this sounds like you:

You're an "okay" speaker, but you're not exactly blowing anyone's mind.

✔️  You can speak in public and give presentations pretty well, but you know you could get better.

✔️  Nervousness & excitement show up as painfully awkward & distracting.

✔️  You crave the self confidence & safety of knowing what you're doing...even if improvising.

If any of those apply to you, you are not alone. 

What if there was a solution that was equal parts education, entertainment, rehearsal, strategy, and awesomeness? 

Relate, Entertain, Motivate, Inspire, Inform, Persuade, or Collaborate with people daily.

Whether it's with your team, customers, or clients, your ability to communicate effectively depends on WAY MORE than the words you use. It's about HOW + WHY you say things.

Be seen as leader

When you're talking, it's like taking center stage.

People see you as the leader...until you behave or say something in a way that gives up that role. 

Learn & experiment with how you can hook your audience...and speak with confidence rather than cockiness or worse...weakness.

Be an asset to your organization

Communication is a skill that is crucial to moving most people forward in their career.

If you're able to speak clearly and effectively...then you'll be able to make your company more money through sales and exposure.

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About Me

Hello!... I'm Lindsay Weldon, a public speaking coach + theatre specialist. I currently live in Pullman, Washington.

A little about me that helps me serve you:

  • B.A. in Performing Arts 
  • Actress, Director, Theatre Education Artist, Improviser
  • Taught and co-directed at the Seattle Children's Theatre (Education Dept.)
  • Experienced Tour Guide & High Level Trainer at historical site-- interacting with happy & cranky tourist, celebrities, world leaders, and diplomats alike
  • Host of interactive workshops & done coaching on various topic related to communication for past 10 years


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Thanks for reading my story! Enjoy peeking around my website & have a delightful day!


Lindsay Weldon
Public Speaking & Performance Coach