You want to shift your audience's beliefs, behavior, or knowledge with your presentation.

I’m here to give you the outside feedback & coaching necessary for you to meet your speaking goals.

Be Persuasive


You want to level-up your persuasion game on a presentation you’ve outlined or written and you want one-on-one time with a speaking and performance coach who’s obsessed with making you a stronger communicator!

Well, a 60 minute feedback and coaching call might be just the service option for you!


  1. You’ll get a chance to tell me your presentation, goals, concerns, and about who your audience is.
  2. Then you’ll perform your presentation for me (with or without notes) while I take notes. 
  3. Then I’ll ask you some questions, give you specific feedback. I’ll formulate an informed coaching strategy on-the-fly to highlight the good and lessen the weaker aspects so you come away with a stronger presentation and ideas of how to continue to develop your presentation delivery after our coaching call is over.

My recommendations are grounded in a through understanding of communication theory and public speaking best practices yet tempered by a realistic understanding of how humans operate when they're under a spotlight. I will work hard to bring out your best, moving you forward without overdoing it. I know how to underline your’ assets, applaud your efforts, and champion the positive steps you take, even if they're baby steps. I go beyond surface level "do's" and 'don'ts" and will give you tools you can use before, during and after the coaching session to become a more powerful presenter.

AFTER THE CALL you’ll get an email with a link of our recorded video call for you to reference back to anytime.

It’s about time you:

  • Joined the limited rankings of people slaying their speeches!

Investment Options:

One Coaching Call- $200
Bundle of 3 Calls - $500

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