You want to surpass everyone's expectations on your presentation. ...Worried about saying the right words, you haven't spent much time on HOW you'll delivery them to your audience. 

I’m here to give you the outside feedback, ideas, and suggested techniques necessary to deliver with confidence.

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You want to do really well on your presentation because:

  1. Your listener will benefit from what you’re saying; and
  2. It’s important for your career to be seen as a leader in your industry.

….But if you would rather babysit 1,000 poisonous snakes in your bathtub… you’ve got a problem!

It’s time to prepare with a friendly professional.

If you want feedback, direction, & on-the-spot coaching that will help you to improve your performance, then this package is for you!

During our one-hour online coaching session, you'll be in a safe space to run through your presentation, get feedback and help working out the rough parts (especially if it’s your intro, story, or conclusion). I know your presentation/ speech is a work-in-progress. I do not expect perfection. In our session, I will identify your strengths and offer rehearsal and various techniques on how to get more power from your performance.

It’s about time you:

  • Joined the limited rankings of people slaying their speeches;
  • Audiences gushed about how clear and relatable your presentation was;
  • Started a not-so-secret stash of performance + improv skills you can use over and over again!

Investment $300