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Be Persuasive


You want to level-up your persuasion game on a presentation you’ve outlined or written and you want one-on-one time with a speaking and performance coach who’s obsessed with making you a stronger communicator!

Well, a 60 minute feedback and coaching call might be just the service option for you!


  1. You’ll get a chance to tell me your presentation, goals, concerns, and about who your audience is.
  2. Then you’ll perform your presentation for me (with or without notes) while I take notes. 
  3. Then I’ll ask you some questions, give you specific feedback. I’ll formulate an informed coaching strategy on-the-fly to highlight the good and lessen the weaker aspects so you come away with a stronger presentation and ideas of how to continue to develop your presentation delivery after our coaching call is over.

My recommendations are grounded in a through understanding of communication theory and public speaking best practices yet tempered by a realistic understanding of how humans operate when they're under a spotlight. I will work hard to bring out your best, moving you forward without overdoing it. I know how to underline your’ assets, applaud your efforts, and champion the positive steps you take, even if they're baby steps. I go beyond surface level "do's" and 'don'ts" and will give you tools you can use before, during and after the coaching session to become a more powerful presenter.

AFTER THE CALL you’ll get an email with a link of our recorded video call for you to reference back to anytime.

Investment Options:

One Coaching Call- $200
Bundle of 3 Calls - $500

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“Lindsay taught me that public speaking was more than just talking. ... I've practiced what she's taught and turned my presentations into something that not only got the sale, but left people saying thank you for coming. If you want to take your communication to the next level, I would recommend Lindsay's approach to communication with any audience.”


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