Improv… is Gonna Change Your Life

Did you know that drama skills (acting exercises and techniques) can make a regular person a better public speaker?

It’s true!

Taking drama classes helped me to do better class presentations and make me comfortable being seen by a crowd when I was a teenager. I’ll bet they could help you too (if they haven’t already.)

Let’s talk about Improvisational acting today. It’s just ONE of the useful skills I’d recommend you experience. It’s usually called “Improv” and it’s a basically a game of listening. Participants act out a story without a script…or talking to each other about a framework. They make it up as they go….something you were probably really good at when you were a little kid (INSERT elementary school flashback to playing Lava Monster on the playground here).

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I’m sure you are making up life daily. You don’t have a script…and just jump into a day, with a basic outline/schedule and GO FOR IT! But…there are some people who are not enjoying their personal improv of life.

But there are ways to be better at making up your life like a pro!

Below is one of my favorite TEDx Talks called “The Way of Improvisation” by Dave Morris. Dave is an improviser and he talks about how using the foundations of improv in daily life to make life more awesome. (It’s a fast and funny 10 minutes.)

Once you watch it, then read on.

Dave summarizes the Steps to the Way of Improvisation as these:

  1. Play– Be in the moment. Enjoy what is happening now.
  2. LET YOURSELF Fail – You are not a failure. You just failed.
  3. Listen – Are you willing to change? Listen. (Makes for easier collaboration)
  4. Say “Yes” – Yes takes you somewhere. A series of “No’s” stops all possibilities.
  5. Add on “And…” to make it “Yes and…” – Help move things along
  6. Play the Game – Rules help us to funnel our creativity.
  7. Have Fun – Relax and enjoy yourself.

He makes the connection that when you can apply these steps, you’ll be able to be more present and engaged in your own life. You’ll be a better collaborator,  boyfriend, and employee, etc…

I L-O-V-E this talk.

I want you to start practicing better improv tactics in your daily life!  

Why?… Because I know improv can make you more comfortable on stage when you can trust yourself to be able to figure out a way out of a “mistake” and be more professional.

Ready to take action ASAP?! (This is where you say “yes and…”!)

Cool! Wooo….


For the next 24 hours, I want you to implement the steps Dave laid out!


Go somewhere you can sit alone. Set a timer for 5 minutes. Settle your mind by focusing on your breathing. Awaken your senses. Notice what is happening second by second. Sounds, Smells, Touch, Taste, ….and (then Open your eyes) See.

Step 2: SAY “YES AND…”

Before you say ‘no’, pause…. And consider changing it to a “yes and…”. Say yes 10 times today. Then add onto it…by saying “and…”!

Step 3: PLAY

Do something fun you enjoy that you don’t normally do for at least 10 minutes today! (Not on a screen…like a TV, Computer, Tablet, Phone) Put away your electronics and let yourself savor and enjoy that time. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just be present….say yes more…and have a little fun.

Once you’ve completed this, come back and write “Done” in the comments or Tweet me @LindsayWeldon_.

If you haven’t already gotten it, make sure to grab the FREE RESOURCE I made FOR YOU TO DOWNLOAD! Enter your name and email below and I’ll send you 3 Improv Games that you can play at dinner (or anywhere)!

YAY, I’m already so proud of you for using improv in your daily life! Have a blast and don’t forget to smile. 🙂