**ONLY FOR PEOPLE who have worked with me before.** Get 30 Minutes of fast feedback, micro coaching, and suggestion on what to do next.
Book a Mini-Intensive

If all you need is 30 minutes of of expert feedback, and we've worked together before (or I've met you and given you permission to sign up for a mini intensive), then this may be the session for you!

Be prepared clearly state what type of feedback or what your major focus or concern in that you'd HAVE to have covered in our limited time. You can...

  • Perform a prepared presentation (up to 15 minutes), monologue(s) or outline,
  • Ask me specific questions, &/or
  • Have a rapid brainstorming session.

I'll give you as much juicy feedback, spot coaching, and suggestions that I possibly can before the clock runs out. This is a great add on/follow-up service if you've already booked an Intensive.

This isn't the right fit for everyone, but if you can be fast or don't have much to go over, let's do it! This can be done virtually over Zoom Video Conferencing or in person if local to Pullman, Washington.



Book a Mini-Intensive

What's the Process?

It's not hard to book an Intensive with me. Here's what to expect if you choose to move forward.

Your Session Online

  • Online Scheduling-Pick a date and time that work for you
  • Pay for Session
  • Email with confirmation of appt and receipt sent

Book a Mini-Intensive


  • So we can make the most of your 90 minute session, you'll receive an email with a link to a simple Google Form.
  • Share any goals you have for the session and copies of your scripted text or outline
  • Please  complete at least 48 hours BEFORE your session


  • The fun begins. Get to work right away.
  • Virtual Zoom Sessions will get a link to join. 
  • Local clients will have the option to have an in person session if possible.