Lindsay Weldon

Speaking and Performance Coach for Professionals

Lindsay Weldon is a speaking and performance coach who helps professionals look and sound like leaders when they communicate so they can...

  • Better influence and impact others;
  • Send the same message verbally and non-verbally;
  • Give listeners the momentum they need to take action; and
  • Build meaningful connections with peers, stakeholders, senior level executives, and colleagues in and out of their industry.

She does this through 1:1 coaching and live workshops.

Currently Booking For Podcast Interviews, Summits + Public Speaking

Interview Topics

Topics Lindsay could talk about with your audience

How to have a conversation with an audience, when you're the only one talking.

What happens in the first 7 seconds of meeting someone? Be prepared to perform.

Are you ready for an audience? Learn the Theater Thinking Method for delivering impactful & persuasive performances.

Storytelling basics (The 5 R's)

Managing Stage Fright and Doing Scary Things

Why everyone should take an improv class

Making an Impact starts with an honest interaction & engagement

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Leadership Communication

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2019 Speaking Topics

I'm a available as a keynote, expert panelist, workshop host for the following topics (or similar):


How To Manage Your Stage Fright, Increase Your Impact, and Build Your Reputation as a Leader + Expert that People LOVE to be in the Room With

Reach Your Audience Faster:

Deliver Twice as Good a Performance By Fine-Tuning the Underused Tools You Were Born With (Body, Voice, and Imagination)

Secrets of a Former Tour Guide:

How To Make Better First Impressions  + More Successful Connections with Standoff-ish People


Teaching, speaking, and acting

Teaching an Interactive Class/ Workshop to adults (using boxes as props)


Leading a Workshop at a Youth Group


Historical Site & Humanitarian Tour Guide (with ASL interpreter, "Wing", on set)

2 Year Residency in a School Teaching After School Improv & Communication

Performing on stage

Cast of Improv Show she Co-Directed at the Seattle Children's Theatre



Speaking and Performance Coach | Founder of Theater Thinking

Lindsay Weldon is a performance coach and founder of Theater Thinking. She teaches business leaders learn how to overcome stage fright, engage an audience and boost their impact as a speaker & leader. Lindsay believes that when people understand how to connect with others, they'll see their reach & influence dramatically increase.

She's been featured on Ed Talk TV, the "12 Minute Conversations with Engel Jones" Podcast, and "Why So Serious with Sarah" Podcast. In addition to performing and teaching She's performed internationally at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, interned and co-directed at the Seattle Children's Theatre. Plus she's lead dozens of interactive classes and communication workshops for over 12 years in her community.