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ABOUT The Confident Speaker Show:

Your unique story and way of helping people could change so many lives... if only they would listen.

But at the same time, you question your ability to DELIVER with the VOICE OF A LEADER in a critical communication moment.

Whether you want to leverage public speaking either: to help advance you in your professional career, as a teaching tool, as a marketing channel, or as a paid endeavor... then you’re probably looking for ways to enhance and improve your speaking abilities.

THE CONFIDENT SPEAKER SHOW podcast is here to support you on your mission to master the art of oral communication + cultivating better relationships. Each episode you'll come away with steps you can take to become a more confident speaker!



Lindsay Weldon

A new podcast episode is released weekly on Tuesday.



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Deliver your story...
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A well told story will CAPTURE PEOPLE'S ATTENTION... just
like a fresh pizza being carried through an office building