Work with me

Work with me

Look and Sound like a Leader

Look and Sound like a Leader

Want to speak so you maximize your influence and impact as a leader?

I help you deliver.

Whether you are new to presenting, or consider yourself an established presenter who just wants to polish their skills, my coaching allows you to discover and unleash your highest potential.

Besides traditional speech training, I have a background in theater and improv which gives me the ability to effectively improve your voice, improvised speaking, powerful storytelling, and enhance your body language so that your audience can see you, hear you, and absorb your message.

We tackle both inner mindset and external skills so you can continue to grow and transform after our work together.

James Murray, 
President at Business
Transition Advisers

"I would recommend Lindsay's approach to communication with any audience"

Lindsay taught me that public speaking was more than just talking. ... I've practiced what she's taught and turned my presentations into something that not only got the sale, but left people saying thank you for coming.

Coaching that gives you the tools you need
to take your skills to the next level

Develop a strong leadership presence
Connect with your audience
Communicate credibility and authenticity
Speak in public with confidence
Create a clear, concise message
Tell stories that engage your audience

Sarah Christensen, 

"Lindsay is totally someone you should get in contact with"

If you feel like you are the kind of person who has a message but you don't really know how to portray that message in a way that resonates with others, then Lindsay is totally someone you should get into contact with.

1:1 Coaching Options

The Improv Edge Hour

 (60 minutes)


Most communication issues stem from flaws in your fundamentals. Develop more confidence and sharpen your speaking + performance skills through improvisational speaking. Get 60 minutes with Lindsay to learn and rehearse your improv skills. (No previous improv experience necessary.)

Let's book it!


(6.5 hours)



Let’s take a whole day (8:30 am - 4 pm) to do some deep work.

*Price does not include Travel + Lodge costs (if I come to you)

Please email me if interested in booking.

Not ready for a coaching package?
Try this instead.

Speaker Warm-Up
Mini- Course


Don't let an "off" day minimize your impact on others-- warm up your voice, body, and mind with me.

For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don't hesitate to send an email to

Personalized Coaching
Inquiries for Organizations

I know that every client is different and there is no single program that we can prescribe for all. I make sure that all of my training and coaching meets your unique needs.

Please reach out with the form below.