engage, empower, and connect

Hi, I’m Lindsay Weldon and I’m here to help you engage, empower, and connect with your audience when you speak or perform, so you’re positioned as a trusted, relatable leader who people want to work with and support

Usually, people come to me as their career seniority or business visibility is ramping up. They’re feeling overwhelmed by the insanely increasing number of critical communication moments they are expected to handle perfectly. They know that the workplace “trial by fire” communication development era is no longer for them. 


They're a veteran presenter or performer who knows how to have a conversation with an audience, but as they prep for a an upcoming "make it-or-break it" communication moment, self-doubt creeps into their thoughts and they wish someone could just tell them they're doing it right...or magically fix their problem overnight.

Do either of these sound like you? Let me help you get the results what you want as a speaker and performer.

If it's got to do with standing out, telling stories, and connecting with your audience,


If you want to work closely with me on developing your presentation or performance for an audience, my coaching services are for you!