Leaders Know their Energy is Contagious

Deliver audience-focused presentations and communications that persuade and motivate your listeners to take action.

What you say matters... but how you say it matters just as much.


Hey there,
I’m Lindsay Weldon.

I’m a speaking & performance coach who helps professionals look and sound like leaders so they...

  • Better influence and impact others;
  • Send the same message verbally and non-verbally;
  • Give listeners the momentum they need to take action; and
  • Build meaningful connections with peers, stakeholders, senior level executives, and colleagues in and out of your industry.

I do this through 1:1 coaching and live workshops.

Attract loyal followers who will support your vision, causes, and goals.





What I can do for you

  • Find the performance gold that’s already inside if you. It’s hiding in your brilliant gorgeous body, you just need some help turning it into something interesting to watch....vocalizing it and adding physicality that aligns your words with your big idea.
  • Honest, insightful feedback on what you’ve got, and the guidance you need to fix, clean, or snazz  up your performance by yourself. (It’s like a doctor checkup, but absolutely no paper robes.)
  • Follow-up butt-kicking. Yeah. I’m watching you.
  • Coaching, Directing, Consulting, & Dynamic Mom-like support (switching between tough-love + verbal snuggles to reveal your best work).
  • I work independently to make your performance way, way, WAY, way better, even if it was already decent.
  • Stuck on your weird stage movement (i.e. blocking), storytelling that rambles on forever, or anything that seems boring in your delivery? I’ll crank out some genius options, techniques, or ideas for you to choose from or use as inspiration.

If these services sound right for you, TAKE ACTION! Yes, you. Click here to find out what package you need, and book me.

Lindsay Weldon

Speaking + Performance Coach

Hello there. I'm Lindsay. I've been intentionally developing my verbal and physical communication skills since I stumbled into taking drama classes as a ten year old.  

After 25 years of acting, improvisation, directing, teaching, and lively storytelling...
I do my best to create an entertaining and transformative process for my clients who want to look and sound like confident leaders.

OK, I’m excited! Now what?

That’s easy. You can learn about how we can work together here.

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