Hey, I'm Lindsay

I’ve always been a vivid storyteller at heart, and my skills took quantum leaps when I merged my acting and directing background into my daily communication and stories to invite lively engagement and a sincere connection.

My friends and local community were hitting me up for speaking and storytelling advice all the time and getting big results from implementing what I suggested. Do you want help fine-tuning your message and delivery....so it connects with your listener and drives action? If yes...read on. 

Forget worrying about "filler words" and a "loud voice". You’re about to learn my theatre-rooted strategies for making you look an sound like a leader while teaching or sharing what you love.

I can’t wait to help you connect with more people through your speaking and performance delivery!

If it's got to do with standing out, telling stories, and connecting with your audience,


If you want to work closely with me on developing your presentation or performance for an audience, my coaching services are for you!